Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records

Mike Ditka once said, “Before you can win, you have to believe you are worthy.” All old philosophy talks, aspires human to win races, whether it is in surpassing businesses or sports. But at the end it is totally and absolutely rely on a person, who not only think he can, but as Mike said to believe in once capability.

In sports and business, competitions were there, and always will be like a cut-throat. It is not about escaping from glorious events which challenge, but it’s all about challenging those events. Performance in a particular event fully depends on a ‘person’, it’s his or her goodwill or intangible assets which decides whether its breaks confidence or breaks record.  Recently, Olympics decathlons, Dan O’Brien said in an interview, ‘In a long run consistency always wins.’ It may be possible that at the end of such events, success would not be with you when you say ‘Good Bye’ to playground, but yes, it totally depends on that person, that how he is going to play his next game. Either player wins or lose the game, there is always an opportunity, an opportunity of learning.

Confidence plays vital role in ideology. And from where a person gets that confidence? This again depends on persons to persons, how he built their rules and ethics, theories which he believes in – for a game. I believe that if a person has done enough net practice before the real game, he doesn’t need to pursuit trophy. At the end; his confidence – which he earned from practice – keeps him calm and winner. After that winning or losing doesn’t matter, what matter is learning, so that in the next game he built himself enough to break records.

In this I have mentioned person’s confidence in general terms, but how an individual can magnetize towards record breaks or bounce backs in confidence. It depends on individual’s commitments and its core competencies. No one can argue on I can’t climb Mount Everest or I can’t take F-16 in blue sky, because only I know my limitations and only I can define my boundaries. Now question is if only I can define myself, then who is responsible for a breakout or record breaks? We will never get this answer outside because it is already answered – inside us.

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