Saturday, 5 July 2014

#Risk and its Future

I surprised many times when I came across special situations. It’s not about the events but about its unexpected time.

In this blog, I have psychologically calculated risks of future and more importantly actions and motions about that uncertain time. This could be easily understood.. if you rewind your memory and look into the rear view mirror.

When I was in a high school, I used to hate study and book the most. At that times my mommy used to say, if you’ll not grab decent grades you wouldn’t get admission in graduation and later on you might find hard time to find a decent job.  I understood why it was very important to score well, even if you don’t like. It is because the world has become very competitive.   It’s a simple logic, if everyone is working hard and creating competition, you must – at any cost – need to work hard to survive. Now the situation is not created by you, but by the people.

Same way if you are a computer engineer, and you don’t argue on buying a new computer, you do probably slowdown than your peer group. In this case no matter where the technology moved or knowledge about latest technology, but you need to understand the competition and should support with its balance. The logic is same; urgency of compute may not be created by you, but by the people and competition.

In near future same situation would be there in an investment.  If everyone around you is exposed to higher risks, you should not afford to take less risk. If people are taking more risk by investing in equities, no matter your risk attitude level, you would also be forced to take higher risks. I know it’s quite difficult to understand the situation..  But the situation is not created by you, but by the people.

Something is already in motion, it’s is difficult to understand. But, the future we are talking could be anytime. And it’s human mentality not to act till the very last moment – Change It.

This race is never going to finish, we are bound to flow – heard behavior.

At the present moment you have an option to change you future, at very next moment it would not be.

Put a reminder.  Read this after 10 years and you’ll surprise. 

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