Friday, 24 February 2012

Apple Inc.: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Apple Inc. is the world top renowned company. Thinks different, company’s punch line itself suggests about its innovation.  And credit goes to co-founder and company’s former CEO Steve Jobs. In period of Jobs when he was CEO, Apple has shown consistence performance beyond fashion, not only in company’s top line and bottom line figures, but mainly because of its innovative products, like, ipad and iphone. The true growth engine behind these innovations is Steve Jobs. Unfortunately, Mr. Think different is not with us today, but we as a people around the globe will never forget his passion and creativity about unique products.

October, 1983 when company introduced its first Macintosh computer, Jobs said, ‘People will fall in love with it.’ When we talk about Apple, usually we talk about its products. Why Apple’s product is so different? One can say because of simplicity in design and use, company identifies people needs and their wants, it also finds how people interact with computers. After finalizing these ingredients company heads towards design and technical achievement. Apple had not done great innovations only in products but in every smallest detail, like packaging and inventory management. Company has done modified tasks like separation of external devices and developed plug and ports.

Ipod, ipad, iphone and Mac computers are the major innovative products which company gave to the world. What is so unique about these products? These products are based on simplicity in design and use. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, like iphone and ipod touch, which has one button approach to function device. Ipod, which is specially developed for music lovers, is made up of double shot polycarbonate and transparent plastic materials. Apple prefers quality in material selection too; this is where innovation takes place in its initial steps.

Apple Inc. is not pioneered only in ‘iproducts’, along with that company have world’s amazing operating system, Macintosh OS, Which have unique features like multiple type face and proportionate fonts.  Latest which company had launched is ‘Lion X OS’, in 2011.

Apple uses same platform for ipod touch, iphone and ipad, by this strategy company is able to reduce cost and increases reliability. Apple works with employees and costumers too, company has given benefits to their employees. Customers’ benefits, product requires less repair, maintains and service. Company is lot more in customer involvement, like interacting with customers to experience design and development process.

Steve Jobs, man behind innovation. When Jobs was fired from its own company, in an interview he shared emotional experience, he said, ‘Getting fired from Apple was the best think ever happen to me.’ During that period Jobs found a company name Next, the target was the education system. Jobs found Pixar too, a world’s first animated studio. Jobs never hit limit button on innovation, in strategy and decision making. When he returned back to the company in August 1994, he went through lots of changes. He took brave decisions and applies real time experiments with distribution of products. He preferred to move into retail not only with physical present ‘bricks’, but through internet ‘clicks’ too.

‘Do what you love, keep looking forward and never settle down’ – Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011)

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