Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Cyber world and Human world

Few days back friend of mine asked me a question. What if I get all the investment and financial advisory by just few clicks on internet? In coming few years why would people come to you for financial planning or investment advisory?

At some extend she is correct. All the information is available on internet. Software and websites has been built, which can create your financial plan based on manual inputs and goals.

I appreciate her views and upgrading trends in financial algorithms & technology. But ask yourself, would you really put your future dreams or goals or savings and trusting cyber world 100%?

In upcoming few years you will have all the information available on internet, but how will you differentiate those information – related to financial planning or investments – according to your unique goals and risk taking ability. Out of n information, how will you know which is right for you? For this, believe me you will need a human touch.

We all thrive to grow faster than time, riding on fast paced improving technologies. But at the end we all are mankind; we can feel the present moment and take bold decisions based on situations.

However, I am taking ‘advantage’ of latest technologies and internet information and financial trends to improve my clients service better and better with smile.

What are your views about connections between cyber world and human world?

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