Tuesday, 22 April 2014

We All are Owners

I am a computer engineer. I was rejected by Infosys on the interview day. Yes, of course I thought there is no life ahead or maybe it’s going to be very tough. Life actually becomes tough when we have expectations.
Few days back I bought Infosys shares and I became its owner. Yes, my ownership is small but I can proudly say that I am a shareholder in Infosys.

Why I took this move?

Simple reason, I lives in India. Now why that makes sense? I live in Emerging countries. Okay. Are experiencing change in our living standards and spending – Every Sunday Cinema and McD, Yeah. Here in India Inflation would be high, let’s say around 6 to 8 per cent.  To beat this inflation Bank savings and your piggy bag is not at all good choice. To stay ahead you must look towards equity, like Mutual Funds and Shares.

Now I know it would not come easily, why should I put my money in share market where all losses it’s money. Let me tell you one secret, Nobody losses money in equity, intraday traders and greedy people loses money, Not Investors. But I also aware you that not to choose random funds or stocks, before choosing your investment, sit with your financial planner or advisor.

Let me share one more example to enter in Equity.

Almost all of us have bank account, Right? Now, in that we all are having our saving and Fixed Deposits etc. Why you put it in the bank? For safety of course! My Bank is not going to default on my savings.

My friends, if you know and you are confident on your bank, then why not to buy same bank’s equity which gives far better returns.

Even let’s assume that you have 6 Lacs in your bank account. And somehow bank collapse. Then you will receive only 1 Lacs on those 6 Lacs. NOT entire fixed amount of 6 Lacs.   

By this blog my motive is not to make you chase towards equity or share market.  My goal is that we must consider equity while investment. This is going to be a game changer. But I also aware you that not to choose random funds or stocks, before choosing your investment sit with your financial planner or advisor.

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